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The undue criticisms of Europe’s budgetary cuts for military interventions and the alleged lesser participation in advancing global democratic values call for introspection a closer look into the dynamics of European aid. The bashing that it is getting inspires a straightforward evaluation of its transatlantic partnership with the US and just how crucial its role is. How does Europe contribute to the attainment of international stability? Is there, in fact, some grounds for the criticisms received or are they quite unwarranted? Here are some facts that will help enlighten the international community as to the real score of Europe’s part in shaping the international political landscape.

The World’s Largest Aid Donor

Despite being riddled with its own financial difficulties and being badly shaken by the recession, the EU, relentlessly, continued to extend aid to nations in dire need. Notwithstanding the delicate status of the region’s economy, it is admirable how it pursues its charitable missions and how it supports various international causes still. For instance, it generously provided close to €7 billion within a span of three years to address the demands arising from the Arab Spring. Notably, it has already dispensed €11 billion to interventions in Afghanistan that stretched for a decade now. If ambivalence can be quantified in monetary terms, it definitely won’t translate into €18 billion given in aid donation.

Trading for Peace

Aside from launching military operations, Europe believes that there are other – and better- ways to get the goal of international stability accomplished. Resorting to guns and ammunition is not the only path to attaining peace. In fact, one of the strategies employed by the European governments in advancing the objectives of their foreign policy is by capitalizing on their vast market and trade ties. To usher in development in many beleaguered countries, it extends liberal concessions, including one in favor of Pakistan. On the other hand, it also uses its power and influence in the market to curtail the benefits of nations who are undermining efforts directed towards the attainment of peace and stability in the international community. In the general scheme of things, Europe may be deemed to have taken the path less travelled in pursuing the objectives of the transatlantic partnership.

Tales from the Military Front

Aside from consistently being in the list of Top Ten Big Spenders for military operations, economic crisis and all, European countries have been a major player in the military front. Surprisingly, Europeans constitutes more than half of the NATO forces sent out in furtherance of the missions in Afghanistan. When you look at the number of casualties from these military interventions, it can be easily gleaned that the countries of Denmark and Estonia have suffered the brunt more than the US on a per capita basis. Aside from investing heavily on homeland security, EU also continues to be the bulwark against pirates in the Gulf of Aden. The long goes on and on. Who says EU is not helping enough?

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